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Reusable Makeup Remover Pad

Reusable makeup remover pad! This small product is a must need and definitely a life changer.

Our New Star eco-friendly pads are made with soft microfibre to ensure your face is deeply cleansed. It’s effective, simple, made from organic and natural fibres and easy to use. The gentle material is durable for makeup removal, cleansing, toning and mask removal with just water, no chemicals are required. It’s like nothing you have ever experienced, leaving your face fresh, glowing, and silky smooth. You won’t never need to buy disposable makeup wipes again! Our pads are 100% reusable, minimising waste and very earth friendly. 

  Free Reusable Clear Matte PE Zip Lock bags. Perfect for organising small items 

             Hairclips, jewellery, lipsticks etc.

 - 1  zip lock bag - 14cm wide x 20cm high

 - 11.5 cm diameter (one of the biggest on the market!)

 - 3 layer cleansing pad that lasts over 200 washes

 - Washable and reusable 

 - Cruelty-free and killing it! 

How to use:

  • No chemicals or makeup remover required.
  • Simply Soak Pad in water and gentle soap to remove makeup and dirt.
  • Holding the pad, gently remove makeup or mask by creating a circular motion.
  • For particularly stubborn makeup such as eye makeup, hold the wipe against the area for 10 seconds before wiping.

How to clean the makeup wipe:

  • Handwasher the makeup wipe with soap and warm water to clean excess dirt off pad ready for next use.
  • Air dry for the best results. 
  • The wipe can be machine washed with your usual laundry load without fabric softener.